Set Realistic Goals

Goal Setting is a great part of Network Marketing, but make sure they are realistic. Speak with your upline regularly about this, and always make sure your goals are based on actions, not results.Continue Reading

Build Relationships with Your Prospects and Customers

Network Marketing is a people game. You must build your network of people so you can share with them the products and the opportunity. But it is unlikely to expect the to jump right in to your business, or a purchase, without first getting to know you a little bit more than just one contact.
Build relationships with everyone you meet with no expectations or unnecessary pressure and when the opportunity arises offer them the opportunity ot products to consider for themselves.Continue Reading

Focus on Providing Value to Your Customers

People will buy from your Network Marketing business because of you. You can increase the likelihood of this by providing value, which will lead to more new customers, more follow up purchases and more referrals. You can be the added value – let them know of sales, special offers or related products they may be interested in.Continue Reading

Learn From Your Mistakes in Network Marketing

As with everything in life, there is no problem with making mistakes, just don’t make them twice. In Network Marketing we have the benefit of learning from the mistakes of others, so we can learn from their mistakes. This saves a lot of time! The biggest mistake people make in Network Marketing is trying to re-invent the wheel – just follow your leader who has walked the path to success before you!Continue Reading

Keep Up With Industry Trends

This could be industry trends in Network Marketing, MyDailyChoice or any of the brands that you promote. Do not let it distract you from promoting the product, but knowledge of the trends around the work that you do is always valuable.Continue Reading